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 <<< Full-service bookkeeping using QuickBooks or Xero

  • Local or US-outsourced certified bookkeepers -- all work guaranteed
  • Invoice mailing, accounts payable and bill payment services
  • Qvinci integration (for businesses needing this service)
  • Quickbooks sales and installation
 <<< Full-service payroll

  • Self-service payroll, full-service payroll, or outsourced through major payroll provider (partner)
  • Payroll tax calculation and filing
  • W-2 / W-4 processing
  • Hiring / talent-search assistance including background investigations
 <<< Tax and regulatory services

  • Sales tax calculation and return filing
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly Federal tax calculation and filing
  • Intangible tax calculation and filing
 <<< Technology and security services

  • Secure Citrix desktop with Quickbooks, Office apps -- accessible from virtually anywhere with virtually any device
  • Document/receipt storage with industry-leading encryption -- accessible from virtually anywhere with virtually any device
  • Yearly custom DVD with business documents / reports
  • Professional systems selection and integration services (for systems such as POS, or software tools)
 <<< Accounting and Business Analysis Services

  • Sales, inventory, and workforce studies and analyses
  • Business investment projections and analyses
  • CPA-On-Demand Certified Public Accountant services
 <<< Marketing assistance (through subsidiary partner)

  • Web site development and maintenance
  • Business card / promotional items
  • Email campaigns

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